Waterplay rubber flooring systems


Waterplay rubber flooring systems

The VPX waterplay rubber flooring systems for wet parks are suitable for complex projects and severe operating conditions.

These cushioned seamless rubber flooring systems are designed for water play parks and ensure utmost safety and comfort.

Custom designs and logos may be installed to create the ultimate play environment. The flooring systems are offered with many options, including colour, size of granules, thickness, ultravioled and waterborne binders.

Use under water

The waterplay rubber flooring is designed for use under water. Water play projects include zero depth spray pools, amusement park pools and water jet environments. The surface is porous and the water penetrates between the pores of the rubber and drains away. The system has been tested for non-slip undure wet conditions. The system resists the effects of wear and tear of the water and pool chemicals.

Properties of the rubber safety flooring

The main characteristics of the flooring systems are:

  • seamless casting
  • antishock (according to EN1177 or ASTM standards)
  • non toxicity (EN 71-3 standard)
  • antibacterial resistant (standard TSLR#10697)
  • non-slip (ASTM E-303)
  • water drain (> 6 litres/min sq.m)
  • resistance to chemicals (chlorine and cleaning agents)
  • fire resistance (Class 1, std.UNI 8457 9174).

Structure of the cushioned rubber flooring system

The system is made of two layers:

  1. Base mat –>EPDM rubber granule layer from recycling. This layer provides shock absorption and enables to cater for sub-base irregularities or defects
  2. Wearing course –> synthetic new EPDM rubber granules. This layer is non toxic and ensures an unequalled aesthetic surfacing.

The system is installed on a concrete sub-base or on other solid substrates.

BEN Progetti: an experienced partner

We would be delighted to assist you in the development of an outstanding water play park, from early design to construction and commissioning.

Did you know that the return on investment of a water play park is shorter than 3 years?

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